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Whiskey and MASH

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Whiskey and MASH

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Why would we watch MASH and then listen to it? Because, frankly, that's just how big of M*A*S*H nerds GLoria and Chris are.

In case this is your first introduction to our podcast, Gloria and Chris watch two episodes of M*A*S*H each week and then review it as a podcast so that they can share their love of this amazing show.

We're going through the episodes sequentially and always note the episodes in the show notes and at the top of each podcast episode.

As to where the "Whiskey" part of Whiskey and MASH comes from, since neither of us can stand Martinis, we enjoy a whiskey beverage each week with Hawkeye, Trapper/BJ, Henry/Sherman, Frank/Charles, Hot Lips, Fr. Mulcahy, Klinger, and Radar. Keep tuned for other weekly beverages as the episodes dictate!

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